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Chart.RightAngleAxes Property (Project)

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True if the chart axes are at right angles, independent of chart rotation or elevation. Applies only to 3-D line, 3-D column, and 3-D bar charts. Read/write Boolean.


expression. RightAngleAxes

expression A variable that represents a Chart object.


If the RightAngleAxes property is True, the Perspective property is ignored.


The following example sets the chart axes to intersect at right angles. The example should be run on a 3-D chart.

Sub SetRightAngleAxes()
    Dim chartShape As Shape
    Dim reportName As String

    reportName = "Simple 3-D chart"
    Set chartShape = ActiveProject.Reports(reportName).Shapes(1)

    chartShape.Chart.RightAngleAxes = True
End Sub

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