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Application.Windows2 Property (Project)

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Gets a Windows2 collection representing the open windows in the application. Read-only Windows2.


expression. Windows2

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


The Windows2 property is recommended, in place of the Windows property, for all new development in VBA and external applications developed with the .NET Framework.


The following example cascades all the open windows.

Sub CascadeWindows() 
 Dim I As Integer 

 ActiveWindow.WindowState = pjNormal ' Restore the window. 

 With Application.Windows2 
 For I = 1 To .Count 
 .Item(I).Top = (I - 1) * 15 
 .Item(I).Left = (I - 1) * 15 
 Next I 
 End With 

End Sub
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