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Application.WindowNewWindow Method (Project)

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Creates a window.


expression. WindowNewWindow( ** Projects, ** View, ** AllProjects, ** ShowDialog )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ProjectsOptionalStringThe names of one or more projects, separated by the list separator character. The new window contains data from the projects you specify. The default is to create a copy of the active window.
ViewOptionalStringThe name of an initial view for the new window. The default is equal to the value returned by the DefaultView property.
AllProjectsOptionalBooleanTrue if the new window contains data from all open projects. When True, AllProjects overrides Projects. The default value is False.
ShowDialogOptionalBooleanTrue if the New Window dialog box is displayed so that a view or project can be selected. The default value is False.

Return Value



The following example creates a window that combines the data from all open projects.

Sub NewCombineProjectsInNewWindow() 
 WindowNewWindow AllProjects:=True 
End Sub
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