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Application.UsageViewEntryEx Method (Project)

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Adds fields to the Details pane and option menu for the Task Usage or Resource Usage views, and formats the styles to help distinguish detail rows.


expression. UsageViewEntryEx( ** CurIndex, ** Order, ** FontWord, ** CellBackground, ** Pattern, ** Shortcut, ** DisplayField, ** FontColor )

expression An expression that returns an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
CurIndexOptionalIntegerCurrent zero-based index of fields in the Show these fields list in the Detail Styles dialog box. Values greater than the number of fields currently shown are reduced to the next highest value in the actual list. For example, if there are two fields showing and CurIndex = 8, the value of CurIndex is reduced to 2. The default value is 0.
OrderOptionalIntegerOrder of the field in an internal array of fields. For valid values, see the table of field names in the Remarks section.
FontWordOptionalLongDeprecated in Project. In some versions of Project, FontWord set the font color by using the PjColor enumeration.
CellBackgroundOptionalLongColor of the cells for entry. Can be a hexadecimal RGB value, where red is the last byte. For example, &;HFFFF00 is blue-green.
PatternOptionalIntegerBackground pattern of the cells for entry. Can be one of the PjBackgroundPattern constants.
ShortcutOptionalBooleanTrue if the field is shown on the option menu of the Details pane; otherwise, False. Shortcut is True if DisplayField is True.
DisplayFieldOptionalBooleanTrue if the field is displayed in the Details pane; otherwise, False. The DisplayField parameter has no effect on fields that are already displayed.
FontColorOptionalLongColor of text in the Details column for usage entry. Can be a hexadecimal RGB value, where red is the last byte. For example, &;HFF00FF is purple.

Return Value



In the Task Usage or Resource Usage view, choose the FORMAT tab to see the six default fields in the Details group on the ribbon. The Add Details command displays the Detail Styles dialog box, which shows?in alphabetical order?all of the fields available in the current view.

The following table lists the possible fields for the Order parameter, and shows values for the Task Usage and Resource Usage views.

Field name for the Order parameterTask Usage ValueResource Usage Value
Overtime Work11
Actual Work22
Actual Overtime Work33
Cumulative Work44
Baseline Work55
Percent Allocation77
Peak Units88
Fixed Cost10N/A
Actual Cost1110
Baseline Cost1211
Cumulative Cost1312
Regular Work1918
Remaining AvailabilityN/A19
Unit AvailabilityN/A20
Work AvailabilityN/A21
Percent Complete20N/A
Cumulative Percent Complete21N/A
Baseline 1 Work2222
Baseline 1 Cost2323
Baseline 2 Work2424
Baseline 2 Cost2525
Baseline 3 Work2626
Baseline 3 Cost2727
Baseline 4 Work2828
Baseline 4 Cost2929
Baseline 5 Work3030
Baseline 5 Cost3131
Baseline 6 Work3232
Baseline 6 Cost3333
Baseline 7 Work3434
Baseline 7 Cost3535
Baseline 8 Work3636
Baseline 8 Cost3737
Baseline 9 Work3838
Baseline 9 Cost3939
Baseline 10 Work4040
Baseline 10 Cost4141
Actual Fixed Cost42N/A
CV Percent45N/A
SV Percent46N/A
Budget Work4742
Budget Cost4843
Baseline Budget Work4944
Baseline Budget Cost5045
Baseline 1 Budget Work5146
Baseline 1 Budget Cost5247
Baseline 2 Budget Work5348
Baseline 2 Budget Cost5449
Baseline 3 Budget Work5550
Baseline 3 Budget Cost5651
Baseline 4 Budget Work5752
Baseline 4 Budget Cost5853
Baseline 5 Budget Work5954
Baseline 5 Budget Cost6055
Baseline 6 Budget Work6156
Baseline 6 Budget Cost6257
Baseline 7 Budget Work6358
Baseline 7 Budget Cost6459
Baseline 8 Budget Work6560
Baseline 8 Budget Cost6661
Baseline 9 Budget Work6762
Baseline 9 Budget Cost6863
Baseline 10 Budget Work6964
Baseline 10 Budget Cost7065
All Task Rows71N/A
All Resource RowsN/A66
All Assignment Rows7267

In Project 2003 and Office Project 2007, the original UsageViewEntry method was not exposed in the VBA object model.


In the Resource Usage view, the following statement colors the cells for data entry a light yellow in a diagonal-left pattern and colors the Work text in the Details column purple to help show the rows for data entry.

Application.UsageViewEntryEx CellBackground:=&;H01ffff, Pattern:=pjBackgroundDiagonalLeft, _ 

In the Task Usage view, the default field is Work. The following statement adds the Actual Cost field in green, after the Work field.

Application.UsageViewEntryEx Order:=11, CurIndex:=1, DisplayField:=True, FontColor:=&;H10FF10
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