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Application.TimelineShowHide Method (Project)

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Shows or hides the specified feature in the Timeline view.


expression. TimelineShowHide( ** Item, ** Show )

expression An expression that returns an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ItemRequiredPjTimelineShowHideSpecifies the feature to show or hide. Can be one of the PjTimelineShowHide constants.
ShowOptionalBooleanFalse if the feature is hidden; otherwise, True. The default value is True, which shows the feature.

Return Value



The TimelineShowHide method corresponds to several commands in the Show/Hide group on the Format tab on the ribbon. The Format tab displays the Show/Hide group when the Timeline view is selected. If the Timeline view is not selected, the TimelineShowHide method results in error 1100, "The method is not available in this situation."


The following statement hides the time scale on the timeline.

Application.TimelineShowHide Item:=pjTimelineShowHideTimescale, Show:=False
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