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Application.TaskRespectLinks Method (Project)

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Moves one or more selected tasks so that their dates are determined by their task dependencies.


expression. TaskRespectLinks

expression An expression that returns an Application object.

Return Value



The TaskRespectLinks method applies to both manually scheduled and automatically scheduled tasks. Changes in the start or finish dates of a task depend on the types of links for predecessor and successor tasks.

The TaskRespectLinks method corresponds to the Respect Links command on the Task tab on the Ribbon.


Suppose a manually scheduled task has a predecessor task with a finish-to-start (FS) link, the finish date of the predecessor task is 7/15/2012, and the start date of the manually scheduled task is 7/20/2012 with no lag time. Running the TaskRespectLinks method moves the start date back to 7/15/2012.

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