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Application.TaskMoveToStatusDate Method (Project)

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Moves completed or incomplete parts of one or more selected tasks to the status date.


expression. TaskMoveToStatusDate( ** MoveCompleted, ** MoveIncomplete )

expression An expression that returns an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
MoveCompletedOptionalBooleanTrue if the completed parts of tasks are moved to the status date; otherwise, False. The default is False.
MoveIncompleteOptionalBooleanTrue if the incomple parts of tasks are moved to the status date; otherwise, False. The default is True.

Return Value



To set or change the status date, click Project Information on the Project tab on the Ribbon. The Project Information dialog box includes the Status date field. If the status date value is "NA", no status date is set. In that case, the current date is the status date.

If both the MoveCompleted and MoveIncomplete arguments are False, TaskMoveToStatusDate takes no action but still returns True. If both arguments are True, TaskMoveToStatusDate moves only the incomplete parts to the status date.

The TaskMoveToStatusDate method corresponds to the Incomplete Parts to Status Date or Completed Parts to Status Date commands in the Move Task drop-down menu on the TASK ribbon. The TaskMove method corresponds to other commands on the Move Task drop-down menu.

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