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Application.SetSplitBar Method (Project)

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Positions the vertical split bar in a sheet view to display the specified number of columns.


expression. SetSplitBar( ** ShowColumns** )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ShowColumnsOptionalLongSpecifies the number of columns to display, including the locked ID column. The value can be 1 through 75. The default value is the total number of columns currently displayed, including any partially hidden column.

Return Value



If the right pane of the view has been sized so that there is no left pane, the SetSplitBar method has no effect.

If the split bar is partially hiding the right-most column, using the SetSplitBar method with no argument moves the split bar to show the complete column.


If the standard Gantt Chart is the active view, the following statement sets the split bar to show only the ID, Indicators, Task Mode, and Task Name columns.

Application.SetSplitBar ShowColumns:=4
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