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Application.ResourceSharing Method (Project)

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Controls resource sharing, for local resources and projects.


expression. ResourceSharing( ** Share, ** Name, ** Pool** )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ShareOptionalBooleanTrue if local resources are shared. If Name is specified, Share is ignored.
NameOptionalStringThe file name of the project that contains the local resource pool.
PoolOptionalBooleanTrue if resources in the local pool take precedence over resources in the project .

Return Value



Using the ResourceSharing method without specifying any arguments displays the ShareResources dialog box.

Note Project Professional can share local resources only when not logged on Project Server. If Project Professional is using a Project Server profile, local resource sharing is unavailable.


In the following example, the project that contains the resources to share is named SharedResourcePool.mpp. If the active project is named Sharer.mpp, the code enables Sharer.mpp to access resources from SharedResourcePool.mpp, where resources in the pool take precedence. Both projects must be open.

Application.ResourceSharing Share:=False, Name:="SharedResourcePool.mpp", Pool:=True
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