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Application.ResourceCalendarEditDays Method (Project)

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Edits days in a resource calendar.


expression. ResourceCalendarEditDays( ** ProjectName, ** ResourceName, ** StartDate, ** EndDate, ** WeekDay, ** Working, ** Default, ** From1, ** To1, ** From2, ** To2, ** From3, ** To3, ** From4, ** To4, ** From5, ** To5** )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ProjectNameRequiredStringThe name of the project containing the resource calendar to edit.
ResourceNameRequiredStringThe name of the resource to edit.
StartDateOptionalVariantThe first date to edit.
EndDateOptionalVariantThe last date to edit.
WeekDayOptionalLongThe weekday to edit. If StartDate and EndDate are specified, WeekDay is ignored. Can be one of the PjWeekday constants.
WorkingOptionalBooleanTrue if the days are working days. If Default is True, Working is ignored.
DefaultOptionalBooleanTrue if the resource calendar uses the values in the corresponding base calendar as defaults. The default value is False.
From1OptionalVariantThe start time of the first shift.
To1OptionalVariantThe end time of the first shift.
From2OptionalVariantThe start time of the second shift.
To2OptionalVariantThe end time of the second shift.
From3OptionalVariantThe start time of the third shift.
To3OptionalVariantThe end time of the third shift.
From4OptionalVariantThe start time of the fourth shift.
To4OptionalVariantThe end time of the fourth shift.
From5OptionalVariantThe start time of the fifth shift.
To5OptionalVariantThe end time of the fifth shift.

Return Value



The ResourceCalendarEditDays method returns a trappable error (error code 1101) when applied to material resources.

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