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Application.ProjectSummaryInfoEx Method (Project)

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Returns information about project summary, including the Project Utilization type and Project Utilization date information. Introduced in Office 2016.


expression. ProjectSummaryInfoEx( Project, Project, Title, Subject, Author, Company, Manager, Keywords, Comments, Start, Finish, ScheduleFrom, CurrentDate, Calendar, StatusDate, Priority, UtilizationType, UtilizationDate, PartiallyDisabled)

expression A variable that represents a Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ProjectOptionalStringThe file name of the project that should have its project information edited.
TitleOptionalStringThe title of the project.
SubjectOptionalStringThe subject of the project.
AuthorOptionalStringThe author of the project.
CompanyOptionalStringThe company associated with the project.
ManagerOptionalStringThe manager of the project.
KeywordsOptionalStringThe keywords associated with the project.
CommentsOptionalStringThe comments associated with the project.
StartOptionalVariantThe start date of the project. If ScheduleFrom is pjProjectFinish, Start is ignored
FinishOptionalVariantThe start date of the project. If ScheduleFrom is pjProjectFinish, Start is ignored
ScheduleFromOptionalIntegerCan be one of the following PjScheduleProjectFrom constants: pjProjectStart or pjProjectFinish.
CurrentDateOptionalVariantThe current date for the project.
CalendarOptionalStringThe name of the base calendar for the project.
StatusDateOptionalVariantThe current status date for the project.
PriorityOptionalIntegerThe priority, ranging from 0 to 1000, of the active project.
PartiallyDisabledOptionalBooleanTrue if Project displays the Project Information dialog box with all elements disabled except for the Enterprise Custom Fields section.

Return Value



Using the ProjectSummaryInfoEx method with no arguments displays the Project Information dialog box

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