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Application.ProjectCheckOut Method (Project)

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Checks out an open project if it is the active project.


expression. ProjectCheckOut(Name)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData typeDescription
NameOptionalStringThe name of the project

Return value



An open project must be active for the ProjectCheckOut method to work. If the project is already checked out to you, Project shows a dialog box with the error message, ''This project is already checked out to you on a different computer or Project Web App session." If the project is checked out by another user, the error message is "To check out, DOMAIN\UserName must close the project in their session or contact your administrator to check in the project."


The following example attempts to check out all projects that are opened as read-only.

Sub TestProjectCheckOut()
    Dim openProjects As Projects
    Dim proj As Project

    Set openProjects = Application.Projects

    On Error Resume Next

    For Each proj In openProjects
        If Application.IsCheckedOut(proj.Name) Then
            If proj.Type = pjProjectTypeEnterpriseCheckedOut Then
                Debug.Print "'" &; proj.Name &; "'" &; " is already checked out."
            ElseIf proj.Type = pjProjectTypeNonEnterprise Then
                Debug.Print "'" &; proj.Name &; "'" &; " is not an enterprise project."
            End If
            ' Check out the project only if it is the active project.
            Debug.Print "Attempted to check out: '" &; proj.Name &; "'"
        End If
    Next proj
End Sub

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