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Application.OptionsSchedule Method (Project)

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Sets scheduling options.


expression. OptionsSchedule( ** ScheduleMessages, ** StartOnCurrentDate, ** AutoLink, ** AutoSplit, ** CriticalSlack, ** TaskType, ** DurationUnits, ** WorkUnits, ** AutoTrack, ** SetDefaults, ** AssignmentUnits, ** EffortDriven, ** HonorConstraints, ** ShowEstimated, ** NewTasksEstimated** )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ScheduleMessagesOptionalVariantBoolean. True if messages display when scheduling problems occur; otherwise, False.
StartOnCurrentDateOptionalBooleanTrue if new tasks start on the current date. False if new tasks start on the project start date (projects scheduled from the start date) or on the project finish date (projects scheduled from the finish date).
AutoLinkOptionalBooleanTrue if tasks are automatically linked; otherwise, False.
AutoSplitOptionalBooleanTrue if tasks in progress are automatically split; otherwise, False.
CriticalSlackOptionalVariantThe maximum amount of slack allowed for critical tasks.
TaskTypeOptionalLongThe default type for new tasks. Can be one of the PjTaskFixedType constants.
DurationUnitsOptionalLongThe default duration unit for tasks. Can be one of the PjUnit constants.
WorkUnitsOptionalLongThe default work unit for resource assignments. Can be one of the PjUnit constants.
AutoTrackOptionalBooleanTrue if task tracking fields automatically update resource assignments; otherwise, False.
SetDefaultsOptionalBooleanTrue if the values specified for all arguments except ScheduleMessages and AssignmentUnits become the defaults for new project files; otherwise, False.
AssignmentUnitsOptionalLongSpecifies how assignment units should display. Can be one of the PjAssignmentUnit constants.
EffortDrivenOptionalBooleanTrue if new tasks are effort-driven; otherwise, False.
HonorConstraintsOptionalBooleanTrue if tasks honor their constraint dates; otherwise, False.
ShowEstimatedOptionalBooleanTrue if task durations in new projects are displayed with the estimated character; otherwise, False.
NewTasksEstimatedOptionalBooleanTrue if new tasks in the active project have estimated durations; otherwise, False.

Return Value



If an argument is omitted, its default value is specified by the current setting on the Schedule tab of the Project Options dialog box.

Using the OptionsSchedule method without specifying any arguments displays the Project Options dialog box.


The following example enables messages to be displayed when scheduling problems occur, schedules new tasks to start on the current date, and sets the default duration unit for tasks to a week.

Sub Options_Schedule() 
 OptionsSchedule ScheduleMessages:=True, StartOnCurrentDate:=True, DurationUnits:=pjWeek 
End Sub
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