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Application.OptionsSave Method (Project)

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Sets save options for project files.


expression. OptionsSave( ** DefaultSaveFormat, ** DefaultProjectsPath, ** DefaultUserTemplatesPath, ** DefaultWorkgroupTemplatesPath, ** ExpandDatabaseTimephasedData, ** AutomaticSave, ** AutomaticSaveInterval, ** AutomaticSaveOptions, ** AutomaticSavePrompt, ** SetDefaultsDatabase )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
DefaultSaveFormatOptionalStringSpecifies the default format when saving a file. Can be one of the following strings: "MSProject.mpp", "MSProject.mpt", "MSProject.mpp12", or "MSProject.mpp9".
DefaultProjectsPathOptionalStringSpecifies the default location for project files.
DefaultUserTemplatesPathOptionalStringSpecifies the default location for user templates.
DefaultWorkgroupTemplatesPathOptionalStringSpecifies the default location for workgroup templates.
ExpandDatabaseTimephasedDataOptionalBooleanTrue if timephased data should be expanded to a readable format when saving to a database. False if timephased data should remain in a compressed binary format. The default value is False.
AutomaticSaveOptionalBooleanTrue if Project automatically saves files.
AutomaticSaveIntervalOptionalLongSpecifies how often (in minutes) Project automatically saves.
AutomaticSaveOptionsOptionalLongSpecifies whether Project saves only the active file or all changed files. Can be one of the following PjAutomaticSaveOptions constants.
AutomaticSavePromptOptionalBooleanTrue if alerts display when automatically saving files.
SetDefaultsDatabaseOptionalBooleanTrue if the value specified in the Database save options section, found on the Save tab of the Options dialog box, is used as the default value for new projects. The default value is False.

Return Value



If an argument is omitted, the default value is specified by the corresponding setting on the Save tab of the Project Options dialog box.

Using the OptionsSave method without specifying any arguments displays the Project Options dialog box with the General tab selected.


The following example turns off the automatic saving feature.

Sub Options_Save() 
    OptionsSave AutomaticSave:=False 
End Sub
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