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Application.ObjectChangeIcon Method (Project)

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Displays the Change Icon dialog box to enable changing the icon of an active bitmap or drawing object that is added in a Gantt chart or other view.


expression. ObjectChangeIcon

expression A variable that represents an Application object.

Return Value



The bitmap or drawing object must be displayed as an icon and selected. The ObjectChangeIcon method is equivalent to the Change Icon command in the Convert dialog box. To open the Convert dialog box by using the Project user interface, do the following:

  1. Open the Project Options dialog box, choose the Customize Ribbon tab, and then choose the list of commands not in the Ribbon.

  2. In the Customize the Ribbon drop-down list, select Main Tabs, and then choose New Tab. Rename the tab, for example, Old Methods.

  3. Choose New Group to add a group to the Old Methods tab. Rename the group, for example, Objects.

  4. Select the Objects group, add the Object and Convert commands to the group from the list of commands not in the Ribbon, and then choose OK.

  5. On the Gantt chart, choose Object in the Old Methods tab. In the Insert Object dialog box, choose Bitmap Image. You can create a new image or add it from a file. Check Display As Icon.

  6. Select the bitmap image object on the Gantt chart, and then choose Convert on the Old Methods tab of the Ribbon. In the Convert dialog box, choose Change Icon.

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