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Application.LoadWebBrowserControlEx Method (Project)

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Displays HTML pages within Project when the Project Guide is shown or hidden.


expression. LoadWebBrowserControlEx( ** TargetPage, ** WrapperPage, ** FunctionalityName** )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
TargetPageRequiredStringA numeric ID that identifies the HTML target page that needs to be displayed. TargetPage can also be set to a URL, an XML stream, a pointer to an XML file, or any other string value.
WrapperPageOptionalVariantA pointer to an HTML page that provides wrapper functionality for the page being displayed in Project. The wrapper page contains event-handling code that allows Project functionality, such as saving files or changing views, to work when a Web page is being displayed. The WrapperPage parameter is used only when the Project Guide is hidden. When the Project Guide is shown, mainpage.htm is used as the wrapper page, and a WrapperPage parameter, if specified, is ignored. If no WrapperPage parameter is specified, Project uses the default wrapper page, gbui://wrapper.htm.
FunctionalityNameOptionalVariantName of the Project Guide function in the goal area.

Return Value



When the Project Guide is hidden, the method loads the Web Browser Control within Project and issues the LoadWebPage event. When the Project Guide is shown, the method only issues the LoadWebPage event.

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