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Application.JobStart Event (Project)

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Occurs before the queue job is put on the server queue. Project Professional only.


expression. JobStart( ** bstrName, ** bstrprojGuid, ** bstrjobGuid, ** jobType, ** lResult** )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
bstrNameRequiredStringName of the project whose queue job was completed.
bstrprojGuidRequiredStringGUID of the project whose queue job was completed.
bstrjobGuidRequiredStringGUID of the job that was completed.
jobTypeRequiredLongJob Type of the job that was completed. For example, Project Save, Project Publish, Project Status Update.
lResultRequiredLongHResult (error code) of the queue operation. For example, 0 indicates that the job succeeded, E_FAIL indicates failure

Return Value



More details about the Queue job can be obtained by making the ** getJobCompletionState PSI** call on the QueueSystem.asmx webservice with the job GUID.

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