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Application.GetProjectServerVersion Method (Project)

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This method checks the version of the Project Server for the active project. The method can also be used to check whether a particular server URL points to a valid and functioning Project Server.


expression. GetProjectServerVersion( ** ServerURL** )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ServerURLRequiredStringA string representing the URL of the Project Server whose version needs to be checked.

Return Value



If the ServerURL argument does not point to a valid and functioning Project Server, the method returns a trappable error (error code 1004).


The following sample returns an XML stream representing the following settings from Project Server: ProjectServerSettingsRequest, AdminDefaultTrackingMethod, AdminTrackingLocked, ProjectIDInProjectServer, ProjectManagerHasTransactions, ProjectManagerHasTransactionsForCurrentProject, TimePeriodGranularity, and GroupsForCurrentProjectManager.

Sub mpsVersion() 
 URL = ActiveProject.ServerURL 
 If Application.GetProjectServerVersion(URL) = pjServerVersionInfo_P10 Then 
 xmlStream = Application.GetProjectServerSettings( _ 
 RequestXML:="<ProjectServerSettingsRequest>" _ 
 &; "<AdminDefaultTrackingMethod /><AdminTrackingLocked />" _ 
 &; "<ProjectIDInProjectServer />" _ 
 &; "<ProjectManagerHasTransactions />" _ 
 &; "<ProjectManagerHasTransactionsForCurrentProject />" _ 
 &; "<TimePeriodGranularity /><GroupsForCurrentProjectManager />" _ 
 &; "</ProjectServerSettingsRequest>") 
 MsgBox xmlStream 
 MsgBox "This macro returns information from Project " _ 
 &; "Server. Please choose 'Collaborate using Project " _ 
 &; "Server' and specify a valid Project Server URL " _ 
 &; "for this project in Collaboration Options (Collaborate menu)." 
 Exit Sub 
 End If 
End Sub
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