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Application.FilePageSetupMargins Method (Project)

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Sets up margins for printing.


expression. FilePageSetupMargins( ** Name, ** Top, ** Bottom, ** Left, ** Right, ** Borders )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
NameOptionalStringThe name of the view or report for which to set up margins for printing.
TopOptionalLongThe size of the top margin in inches or centimeters.
BottomOptionalLongThe size of the bottom margin in inches or centimeters.
LeftOptionalLongThe size of the left margin in inches or centimeters.
RightOptionalLongThe size of the right margin in inches or centimeters.
BordersOptionalLongWhere to print borders. Can be one of the following PjBorder constants: pjNoBorder, pjAroundEveryPage, or pjOutsidePages.

Return Value



Using the FilePageSetupMargins method without specifying any arguments displays the Page Setup dialog box with the Margins tab selected.

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