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Application.FilePageSetupCalendarText Method (Project)

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Formats the text of calendar views for printing.


expression. FilePageSetupCalendarText( ** Name, ** Item, ** Font, ** Size, ** Bold, ** Italic, ** Underline, ** Color )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
NameOptionalStringThe name of the calendar to edit.
ItemOptionalLongThe text item to format. Can be one of the PjPageSetupCalendarItem constants.
FontOptionalStringThe name of the font.
SizeOptionalIntegerThe size of the font in points
BoldOptionalBooleanTrue if the font is bold; otherwise, False.
ItalicOptionalBooleanTrue if the font is italic; otherwise, False.
UnderlineOptionalBooleanTrue if the font is underlined; otherwise, False.
ColorOptionalLongThe color of the text. Can be one of the PjColor constants.

Return Value



Using the FilePageSetupCalendarText method without any arguments displays the Text Styles dialog box.

NoteFilePageSetupCalendarText works only for printing calendar views.

To format calendar text where Color can be a hexadecimal RGB value, use the FilePageSetupCalendarTextEx method.


The following example formats monthly titles in red for printing.

Sub File_PageSetupCalendarText() 

 'Activate the Calandar view. 
 ViewApply Name:="&;Calendar" 
 FilePageSetupCalendarText Item:=pjMonthlyTitles, Color:=pjRed 
End Sub
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