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Application.FileCloseEx Method (Project)

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Closes the active project.


expression. FileCloseEx( ** Save, ** NoAuto, ** CheckIn** )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
SaveOptionalLongCan be one of the following PjSave constants: pjDoNotSave, pjSave, or pjPromptSave. The default value is pjPromptSave for new project files and projects that have changed since the last save.
NoAutoOptionalBooleanTrue if an Auto_Close macro is not run and the Close event is not raised. The default value is False.
CheckInOptionalVariantTrue if file is checked in after closing. The default value is False.

Return Value



The CheckIn parameter can accept the value True, False, 0, 1, "Yes", or "No".


The following example saves and closes the active project.

Sub SaveAndCloseActiveProject() 
 FileCloseEx pjSave 
End Sub
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