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Application.FileBuildID Property (Project)

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Gets the file build identification number (ID) of the specified project. The build ID consists of the version and build of the Project application that created the file. Read-only String.


expression. FileBuildID( ** Name, ** UserID, ** DatabasePassWord** )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
NameRequiredStringThe name of a project file, source file, or data source.
UserIDOptionalStringA user ID to use when accessing a database. If Name isn't a database, UserID is ignored.
DatabasePassWordOptionalVariantA password to use when accessing a database. If Name isn't a database, DatabasePassWord is ignored.


The FileBuildID property can get the file build ID of a project file without actually opening it.


The following example gets the build ID for the Test.mpp project. If the Project build that created the file is 15.0.4027.1000, the FileBuildID value is "15,0,4027,1000".

Sub File_BuildID()
    Dim ProjID As String

    ProjID = Application.FileBuildID("C:\Project\VBA\Samples\Test.mpp")
    Debug.Print ProjID
End Sub
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