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Application.EnterpriseResSubstitutionWizard Method (Project)

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Runs the Resource Substitution Wizard. Available in Project Professional only.


expression. EnterpriseResSubstitutionWizard( ** ProjectList, ** PoolOption, ** RBSorResourceList, ** FreezeHorizonDate, ** UpdateProjects, ** SaveReport, ** Path, ** AssignProposedResources, ** LevelProposedBookings** )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ProjectListOptionalStringA comma-separated list of portfolio projects in the database.
PoolOptionOptionalLongSpecifies the resource pool option. Can be one of the following PjResSubstitutionPoolOption constants: pjResSubstitutionResInList, pjResSubstitutionResInProject, or pjResSubstitutionResInRBS. The default value is pjResSubstitutionResInProject.
RBSorResourceListOptionalStringThe name of the RBS (resource breakdown structure) level to use if pjResSubstitutionResInRBS was specified in the PoolOption argument. If pjResSubstitutionResInList was specified in the PoolOption argument, the RBSorResourceList argument specifies a comma-separated list of resource names to use.
FreezeHorizonDateOptionalStringThe date of the resource freeze horizon.
UpdateProjectsOptionalBooleanTrue if the Resource Substitution Wizard updates projects with the new resource information. The default value is True.
SaveReportOptionalBooleanTrue if the Resource Substitution Wizard saves a report. The default value is False.
PathOptionalStringThe directory to use when creating the report. The default value is the My Documents folder of the current user.

Return Value



No events are fired when using the EnterpriseResSubstitutionWizard method.

The EnterpriseResSubstitutionWizard method does not include a parameter for specifying that resources from the enterprise resource pool should be used.

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