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Application.EditGoTo Method (Project)

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Scrolls to a resource, task, or date.


expression. EditGoTo( ** ID, ** Date )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
IDOptionalLongA number that specifies the identification number of the task or resource to display in the active pane.
DateOptionalVariantA number or string that specifies the first date to display in the active pane.

Return Value



The following example prompts the user for a date or a task name, and then scrolls to that date or task in the active pane. It assumes the user is in a task view.

Sub PromptUserForEditGotoArguments() 

 Dim Entry As String ' Date or task name entered by user 

 Entry = InputBox$("Enter a date or a task name to which you want to scroll in the active pane.") 

 ' If user enters a date, scroll to a date in the active pane. 
 If IsDate(Entry) Then 
 EditGoTo Date:=Entry 
 ' Otherwise, scroll to a task in the active pane. 
 EditGoTo ID:=ActiveProject.Tasks(Entry).ID 
 End If 

End Sub
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