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Application.DetailStylesAdd Method (Project)

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Adds another timescale data field to a usage view.


expression. DetailStylesAdd( ** Item, ** Position )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ItemOptionalLongThe timescale data field to add. The default value is pjWork.If the active view is the Resource Usage view, can be one of the PjTimescaledData constants.
PositionOptionalIntegerThe position to add the field, relative to other fields. If Position is n + 2 or greater, where n is the number of fields displayed, the field is added at n + 1. The default value is n + 1.

Return Value



The following example makes overallocations stand out from other information in a usage view.

Sub HighlightOverallocations() 

 DetailStylesAdd pjOverallocation 
 DetailStylesFormat Item:=pjOverallocation, Font:="Arial", Size:=12, _ 
 Bold:=True, Color:=pjRed, CellColor:=pjBlack, Pattern:=pjSolidFill 

End Sub
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