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Application.CalendarDateShading Method (Project)

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Determines which calendar is used when determining when and how dates are shaded in the Calendar view.


expression. CalendarDateShading( ** BaseCalendarName, ** ResourceUniqueID, ** ProjectIndex** )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
BaseCalendarNameOptionalStringIf referring to a single project, or the master project in a consolidated project, the name of a base calendar to use for shading. If referring to an subproject in a consolidated project, the name of a base calendar and the name of the subproject in the manner of " Calendar [ Project ]", where Calendar is the name of the base calendar and Project is the name of the subproject.
ResourceUniqueIDOptionalLongThe unique identification number of a resource. The corresponding resource calendar is used for shading.
ProjectIndexOptionalVariantDue to changes in the Project object model, this argument no longer has an effect. It has been retained for backward compatibility.

Return Value



When the Calendar view is active, using the CalendarDateShading method with no arguments displays the Timescale dialog box with the Date Shading tab selected. You must specify either BaseCalendarName or ResourceUniqueID, but you cannot specify both.

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