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Application.BaselineSave Method (Project)

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Creates a baseline plan.


expression. BaselineSave( ** All, ** Copy, ** Into, ** RollupToSummaryTasks, ** RollupFromSubtasks, ** SetDefaults )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
AllOptionalBooleanTrue if the baseline plan is set for all tasks. False if the baseline plan is set only for the selected tasks. The default value is True.
CopyOptionalLongThe fields to copy. Can be one of thePjSaveBaselineFrom constants.
IntoOptionalLongWhere the fields should be copied. Can be one of the PjSaveBaselineTo constants.
RollupToSummaryTasksOptionalBooleanTrue if parent summary task baseline data are rolled up from selected summary tasks.
RollupFromSubtasksOptionalBooleanTrue if summary task baseline data are rolled up from subtasks.
SetDefaultsOptionalBooleanTrue if the values of RollupToSummaryTasks or RollupFromSubtasks are used as default values for new projects.

Return Value



RollupToSummaryTasks and RollupFromSubTasks will have an effect only if All is false.


The following example first saves the baseline and then clears it.

Sub Baseline_Save() 

 Dim Result As Boolean 

 'Save baseline 
 Result = BaselineSave(True) 
 'Clear baseline 
 Result = BaselineClear (True) 
End Sub
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