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Application.BaselineClear Method (Project)

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Clears the baseline data from the baseline fields or clears the data from a Start n / Finish n pair of dates.


expression. BaselineClear( ** All, ** From )

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
AllOptionalBooleanTrue if all tasks in the active project should be cleared. False if only the selected tasks should be cleared. The default value is True.
FromOptionalLongThe fields to be cleared. The default value is pjIntoBaseline. Can be one of thePjSaveBaselineTo constants.

Return Value



The following example first saves the baseline and then clears it.

Sub Baseline_Clear() 

 Dim Result As Boolean 

 'Save baseline 
 Result = BaselineSave(True) 
 'Clear baseline 
 Result = BaselineClear (True) 
End Sub
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