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ActualStartDrivers.TotalDetectedCount Property (Project)

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Gets the total number of actual start drivers that affect the start date of a task. Read-only Long.


expression. TotalDetectedCount

expression A variable that represents an ActualStartDrivers object.


Actual start drivers are assignments that affect the start date of a task because they have actual work completed on the first day of the task.


The following example displays TotalDetectedCount for each task in the active project. The example assumes there are no more than five assignments whose start dates are the same as the task's start date.

Sub b() 

 Dim T As Task 

 Dim count As Integer 

 For Each T In ActiveProject.Tasks 

 If T.RecalcFlags = 1 Then 

 MsgBox (T.StartDriver.ActualStartDrivers.TotalDetectedCount) 

 End If 

 Next T 

End Sub

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