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Timing.TriggerShape Property (PowerPoint)

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Sets or returns a Shape object that represents the shape associated with an animation trigger. Read/write.


expression. TriggerShape

expression A variable that represents a Timing object.

Return Value



The following example adds two shapes to a slide, adds an animation to a shape, and begins the animation when the other shape is clicked.

Sub AddShapeSetTiming()

    Dim effDiamond As Effect
    Dim shpRectangle As Shape

    Set shpOval = _
      ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes. _
      AddShape(Type:=msoShapeOval, Left:=400, Top:=100, Width:=100, Height:=50)

    Set shpRectangle = ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes.  _
      AddShape(Type:=msoShapeRectangle, Left:=100, Top:=100, Width:=50, Height:=50)

    Set effDiamond = ActivePresentation.Slides(1).TimeLine. _
      InteractiveSequences.Add().AddEffect(Shape:=shpRectangle,  _
      effectId:=msoAnimEffectPathDiamond, trigger:=msoAnimTriggerOnShapeClick)

    With effDiamond.Timing
        .Duration = 5
        .TriggerShape = shpOval
    End With

End Sub

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