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ThreeDFormat.SetExtrusionDirection Method (PowerPoint)

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Sets the direction that the extrusion's sweep path takes away from the extruded shape.


expression. SetExtrusionDirection( PresetExtrusionDirection )

expression A variable that represents a ThreeDFormat object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
PresetExtrusionDirectionRequiredMsoPresetExtrusionDirectionSpecifies the extrusion direction.


This method sets the PresetExtrusionDirection property to the direction specified by the PresetExtrusionDirection argument.

The PresetExtrusionDirection parameter value can be one of these MsoPresetExtrusionDirection constants.

|| |:-----| |msoExtrusionBottom| |msoExtrusionBottomLeft| |msoExtrusionBottomRight| |msoExtrusionLeft| |msoExtrusionNone| |msoExtrusionRight| |msoExtrusionTop| |msoExtrusionTopLeft| |msoExtrusionTopRight| |msoPresetExtrusionDirectionMixed|


This example specifies that the extrusion for shape one on myDocument extend toward the top of the shape and that the lighting for the extrusion come from the left.

Set myDocument = ActivePresentation.Slides(1)

With myDocument.Shapes(1).ThreeD

    .Visible = True

    .SetExtrusionDirection msoExtrusionTop

    .PresetLightingDirection = msoLightingLeft

End With

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