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SlideShowView.GotoClick Method (PowerPoint)

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Plays an animation associated with a specified mouse click and any animations that follow on the slide.


expression. GotoClick( Index )

expression A variable that represents a SlideShowView object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
IndexRequiredLongThe index number of the mouse click that initiates an animation.


Use the GetClickIndex method to return the index number of the current mouse click for an animation that is actively playing on a slide or has just finished.

Specifying a value of 0 for Index plays animations beginning at the point just before any animations that run automatically. Specifying a value of msoClickStateBeforeAutomaticAnimations for Index moves to the point just before any animations that run automatically, and then pauses. Specifying an value of msoClickStateAfterAllAnimations for Index moves to the point after all animations.

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