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SlideShowView.AcceleratorsEnabled Property (PowerPoint)

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Determines whether shortcut keys are enabled during a slide show. Read/write.


expression. AcceleratorsEnabled

expression A variable that represents an SlideShowView object.

Return Value



If shortcut keys are disabled during a slide show, you can neither use the keyboard to navigate in the slide show nor press F1 to get a list of shortcut keys. You can still use the ESC key to exit the slide show.

The value of the AcceleratorsEnabled property can be one of these MsoTriState constants.

msoFalseShortcut keys are disabled during a slide show.
msoTrueThe default. Shortcut keys are enabled during a slide show.


This example runs a slide show of the active presentation with shortcut keys disabled.

ActivePresentation.SlideShowSettings.Run _
    .View.AcceleratorsEnabled = False

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