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SlideShowSettings.ShowType Property (PowerPoint)

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Returns or sets the show type for the specified slide show. Read/write.


expression. ShowType

expression A variable that represents a SlideShowSettings object.

Return Value



The value of the ShowType property can be one of these PpSlideShowType constants.

|| |:-----| |ppShowTypeKiosk| |ppShowTypeSpeaker| |ppShowTypeWindow|


This example runs a slide show of the active presentation in a window, starting with slide two and ending with slide four. The new slide show window is placed in the upper-left corner of the screen, and its width and height are both 300 points.

With ActivePresentation.SlideShowSettings

    .RangeType = ppShowSlideRange

    .StartingSlide = 2

    .EndingSlide = 4

    .ShowType = ppShowTypeWindow

    With .Run

        .Left = 0

        .Top = 0

        .Width = 300

        .Height = 300

    End With

End With

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