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Slide.Layout Property (PowerPoint)

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Returns or sets a PpSlideLayout constant that represents the slide layout. Read/write.


expression. Layout

expression A variable that represents a Slide object.


The value of the Layout property can be one of these PpSlideLayout constants.

|| |:-----| |ppLayoutBlank| |ppLayoutChart| |ppLayoutChartAndText| |ppLayoutClipartAndText| |ppLayoutClipArtAndVerticalText| |ppLayoutFourObjects| |ppLayoutLargeObject| |ppLayoutMediaClipAndText| |ppLayoutMixed| |ppLayoutObject| |ppLayoutObjectAndText| |ppLayoutObjectOverText| |ppLayoutOrgchart| |ppLayoutTable| |ppLayoutText| |ppLayoutTextAndChart| |ppLayoutTextAndClipart| |ppLayoutTextAndMediaClip| |ppLayoutTextAndObject| |ppLayoutTextAndTwoObjects| |ppLayoutTextOverObject| |ppLayoutTitle| |ppLayoutTitleOnly| |ppLayoutTwoColumnText| |ppLayoutTwoObjectsAndText| |ppLayoutTwoObjectsOverText| |ppLayoutVerticalText| |ppLayoutVerticalTitleAndText| |ppLayoutVerticalTitleAndTextOverChart|


This example changes the layout of slide one in the active presentation to include a title and subtitle if it initially has only a title.

With ActivePresentation.Slides(1)

    If .Layout = ppLayoutTitleOnly Then

        .Layout = ppLayoutTitle

    End If

End With

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