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Slide.FollowMasterBackground Property (PowerPoint)

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Determines whether the slide follows the slide master background. Read/write.


expression. FollowMasterBackground

expression A variable that represents a Slide object.

Return Value



The value of the FollowMasterBackground property can be one of these MsoTriState constants.

msoFalseThe specified slide or range of slides has a custom background.
msoTrueThe specified slide or range of slides follows the slide master background.

When you create a new slide, the default value for this property is True. If you copy a slide from another presentation, it retains the setting it had in the original presentation. That is, if the slide followed the slide master background in the original presentation, it will automatically follow the slide master background in the new presentation; or, if the slide had a custom background, it will retain that custom background.

Note that the look of the slide's background is determined by the color scheme and background objects and by the background itself. If setting the FollowMasterBackground property alone doesn't give you the results you want, try setting the ColorScheme and DisplayMasterShapes properties as well.


This example copies slide one from presentation two, pastes the slide at the end of presentation one, and matches the slide's background, color scheme, and background objects to the rest of presentation one.


With Presentations(1).Slides.Paste

    .FollowMasterBackground = msoTrue

    .ColorScheme = Presentations(1).SlideMaster.ColorScheme

    .DisplayMasterShapes = True

End With

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