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ShapeRange.ZOrder Method (PowerPoint)

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Moves the specified shape range in front of or behind other shapes in the collection (that is, changes the shape range's position in the z-order).


expression. ZOrder( ZOrderCmd )

expression A variable that represents a ShapeRange object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ZOrderCmdRequiredMsoZOrderCmdSpecifies where to move the specified shape range relative to the other shapes.


The ZOrderCmd parameter value can be one of these MsoZOrderCmd constants.

|| |:-----| |msoBringForward| |msoBringInFrontOfText| |msoBringToFront| |msoSendBackward| |msoSendBehindText| |msoSendToBack| The msoBringInFrontOfText and msoSendBehindText constants should be used only in Microsoft Office Word.

Use the ZOrderPosition property to determine a shape's current position in the z-order.

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