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ShapeRange.ThreeD Property (PowerPoint)

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Returns a ThreeDFormat object that contains 3-D - effect formatting properties for the specified shape. Read-only.


expression. ThreeD

expression A variable that represents a ShapeRange object.

Return Value



This example sets the depth, extrusion color, extrusion direction, and lighting direction for the 3-D effects applied to shape one on myDocument.

Set myDocument = ActivePresentation.Slides(1)

With myDocument.Shapes(1).ThreeD

    .Visible = True

    .Depth = 50

    'RGB value for purple

    .ExtrusionColor.RGB = RGB(255, 100, 255)

    .SetExtrusionDirection msoExtrusionTop

    .PresetLightingDirection = msoLightingLeft

End With

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