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ShapeNode.EditingType Property (PowerPoint)

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If the specified node is a vertex, this property returns a value that indicates how changes made to the node affect the two segments connected to the node. If the node is a control point for a curved segment, this property returns the editing type of the adjacent vertex. Read-only.


expression. EditingType

expression A variable that represents an ShapeNode object.

Return Value



This property is read-only. Use the SetEditingType method to set the value of this property.

The value of the EditingType property can be one of these MsoEditingType constants.

|| |:-----| |msoEditingAuto| |msoEditingCorner| |msoEditingSmooth| |msoEditingSymmetric|


This example changes all corner nodes to smooth nodes in shape three on myDocument. Shape three must be a freeform drawing.

Set myDocument = ActivePresentation.Slides(1)

With myDocument.Shapes(3).Nodes

    For n = 1 to .Count

        If .Item(n).EditingType = msoEditingCorner Then

            .SetEditingType n, msoEditingSmooth

        End If


End With

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