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ShadowFormat.OffsetX Property (PowerPoint)

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Returns or sets the horizontal offset of the shadow from the specified shape, in points. Read/write.


expression. OffsetX

expression A variable that represents an ShadowFormat object.

Return Value



A positive value offsets the shadow to the right of the shape; a negative value offsets it to the left.

If you want to nudge a shadow horizontally or vertically from its current position without having to specify an absolute position, use the IncrementOffsetX method or the IncrementOffsetY method.


This example sets the horizontal and vertical offsets of the shadow for shape three on myDocument. The shadow is offset 5 points to the right of the shape and 3 points above it. If the shape doesn't already have a shadow, this example adds one to it.

Set myDocument = ActivePresentation.Slides(1)

With myDocument.Shapes(3).Shadow

    .Visible = True

    .OffsetX = 5

    .OffsetY = -3

End With

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