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SeriesCollection.Extend Method (PowerPoint)

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Adds new data points to an existing series collection.


expression. Extend( Source, Rowcol, CategoryLabels )

expression A variable that represents a SeriesCollection object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
SourceRequiredVariantThe new data to be added to the SeriesCollection object, represented as an A1-style range reference.
RowcolOptionalVariantOne of the XlRowCol enumeration values that specifies whether the new values are in the rows or columns of the given range source. If this argument is omitted, Microsoft Word attempts to determine where the values are by the size and orientation of the selected range or by the dimensions of the array.
CategoryLabelsOptionalVariantTrue to have the first row or column contain the name of the category labels. False to have the first row or column contain the first data point of the series. If this argument is omitted, Word attempts to determine the location of the category label from the contents of the first row or column.


This method is not available for PivotChart reports.


Note Although the following code applies to Microsoft Word, you can readily modify it to apply to PowerPoint.

The following example extends the series on the first chart in the active document by adding the data in cells B1:B6 from the linked workbook.

With ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(1)
    If .HasChart Then
        .Chart.SeriesCollection.Extend _
    End If
End With

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