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Row Object (PowerPoint)

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Represents a row in a table. The Row object is a member of the Rows collection. The Rows collection includes all the rows in the specified table.


Use Rows (index), where index is a number that represents the position of the row in the table, to return a single Row object. This example deletes the first row from the table in shape five on slide two of the active presentation.


Use the Selectmethod to select a row in a table. This example selects row one of the specified table.


Use the Cellsproperty to modify the individual cells in a Row object. This example selects the second row in the table and applies a dashed line style to the bottom border.

ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange.Table.Rows(2) _
    .Cells.Borders(ppBorderBottom).DashStyle = msoLineDash

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