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PublishObject.SourceType Property (PowerPoint)

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Returns or sets the source type of the presentation to be published to HTML. Read/write.


expression. SourceType

expression A variable that represents a PublishObject object.

Return Value



The value of the SourceType property can be one of these PpPublishSourceType constants.

|| |:-----| |ppPublishAll| |ppPublishNamedSlideShow| |ppPublishSlideRange| Use the ppPublishNamedSlideShow value to publish a custom slide show, specifying the name of the custom slide show by using the SlideShowName property.


This example publishes the specified slide range (slides three through five) of the active presentation to HTML. It names the published presentation Mallard.htm.

With ActivePresentation.PublishObjects(1)

    .FileName = "C:\Test\Mallard.htm"

    .SourceType = ppPublishSlideRange

    .RangeStart = 3

    .RangeEnd = 5


End With

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