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PrintOptions.RangeType Property (PowerPoint)

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Returns or sets the type of print range for the presentation. Read/write.


expression. RangeType

expression A variable that represents a PrintOptions object.


The value of the RangeType property can be one of these PpSlideShowRangeType constants.

|| |:-----| |ppShowAll| |ppShowNamedSlideShow| |ppShowSlideRange| To print the slides ranges you've defined in the PrintRanges collection, you must first set the RangeType property to ppPrintSlideRange. Setting RangeType to anything other than ppPrintSlideRange means that the ranges you've defined in the PrintRanges collection won't be applied. However, this doesn't affect the contents of the PrintRanges collection in any way. That is, if you define some print ranges, set the RangeType property to a value other than ppPrintSlideRange, and then later set RangeType back to ppPrintSlideRange, the print ranges you defined before will remain unchanged.

Specifying a value for the To and From arguments of the PrintOut method sets the value of this property.


This example prints the current slide the active presentation.

With ActivePresentation

    .PrintOptions.RangeType = ppPrintCurrent


End With

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