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PrintOptions Object (PowerPoint)

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Contains print options for a presentation.

Note Specifying the optional arguments From, To, Copies, and Collate for the PrintOut method sets the corresponding properties of the PrintOptions object.


Use the PrintOptions property to return the PrintOptions object. The following example prints two uncollated color copies of all the slides (whether visible or hidden) in the active presentation. The example also scales each slide to fit the printed page and frames each slide with a thin border.

With ActivePresentation 
    With .PrintOptions 
        .NumberOfCopies = 2 
        .Collate = False 
        .PrintColorType = ppPrintColor 
        .PrintHiddenSlides = True 
        .FitToPage = True 
        .FrameSlides = True 
        .OutputType = ppPrintOutputSlides 
    End With 
End With

Use the RangeType property to specify whether to print the entire presentation or only a specified part of it. If you want to print only certain slides, set the RangeType property to ppPrintSlideRange, and use theRanges property to specify which pages to print. The following example prints slides 1, 4, 5, and 6 in the active presentation

With ActivePresentation 
    With .PrintOptions 
        .RangeType = ppPrintSlideRange 
        With .Ranges 
            .Add 1, 1 
            .Add 4, 6 
        End With 
    End With 
End With

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