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Presentation.Final Property (PowerPoint)

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Determines whether the presentation is marked as final (read-only). Read/write.


expression. Final

expression An expression that returns a Presentation object.

Return Value



The setting of the Final property corresponds to the status of the Mark As Final command in the PowerPoint user interface (click the Office button, and then point to Prepare).

Marking a presentation as final makes the presentation read-only and prevents changes to the presentation. When a presentation is marked as final, typing, editing commands, and proofing marks are disabled or turned off and the presentation becomes read-only.

Setting the Final property to True helps you communicate that you are sharing a completed version of a presentation. It also helps prevent reviewers or readers from making inadvertent changes to the presentation.

  • The Final property is not a security feature. Anyone who receives an electronic copy of a presentation that has been marked as final can edit that presentation by removing Mark as Final status from the presentation.

  • Presentations that have been marked as final in a Office program will not be read-only if they are opened in earlier versions of Microsoft Office programs.

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