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Presentation.ExportAsFixedFormat Method (PowerPoint)

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Publishes a copy of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation as a file in a fixed format, either PDF or XPS.


expression. ExportAsFixedFormat( Path, FixedFormatType, Intent, FrameSlides, HandoutOrder, OutputType, PrintHiddenSlides, PrintRange, RangeType, SlideShowName, IncludeDocProperties, KeepIRMSettings )

expression An expression that returns a Presentation object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
PathRequiredStringThe path for the export.
FixedFormatTypeRequiredPpFixedFormatTypeThe format to which the slides should be exported.
IntentOptionalPpFixedFormatIntentThe purpose of the export.
FrameSlidesOptionalMsoTriStateWhether the slides to be exported should be bordered by a frame.
HandoutOrderOptionalPpPrintHandoutOrderThe order in which the handout should be printed.
OutputTypeOptionalPpPrintOutputTypeThe type of output.
PrintHiddenSlidesOptionalMsoTriStateWhether to print hidden slides.
PrintRangeOptionalPrintRangeThe slide range.
RangeTypeOptionalPpPrintRangeTypeThe type of slide range.
SlideShowNameOptionalStringThe name of the slide show.
IncludeDocPropertiesOptionalBooleanWhether the document properties should also be exported. The default is False.
KeepIRMSettingsOptionalBooleanWhether the IRM settings should also be exported. The default is True.
DocStructureTagsOptionalBooleanWhether to include document structure tags to improve document accessibility. The default is True.
BitmapMissingFontsOptionalBooleanWhether to include a bitmap of the text. The default is True.
UseISO19005_1OptionalBooleanWhether the resulting document is compliant with ISO 19005-1 (PDF/A). The default is False.
ExternalExporterOptionalVariantA pointer to an Office add-in that implements the IMsoDocExporter COM interface and allows calls to an alternate implementation of code. The default is a null pointer.


The ExportAsFixedFormat method is the equivalent of the Save As PDF or XPS command on the Office menu in the PowerPoint user interface. The method creates a file that contains a static view of the active presentation.

The FixedFormatType parameter value can be one of these PpFixedFormatType constants.

msoFalseThe default. Does not display the embedded object (or link) as an icon.
msoTrueDisplays the embedded object (or link) as an icon.

The Intent parameter value can be one of these PpFixedFormatIntent constants.

ppFixedFormatIntentPrintIntended to be published online and printed
ppFixedFormatIntentScreenThe default. Intended to be published only online

The FrameSlides parameter value can be one of these MsoTriState constants.

msoFalseThe default. Does not frame exported slides.
msoTrueFrames exported slides.

The HandoutOrder parameter value can be one of these PpPrintHandoutOrder constants.

ppPrintHandoutHorizontalFirstPrints handouts with consecutive slides displayed horizontally first (in horizontal rows).
ppPrintHandoutVerticalFirstThe default. Prints handouts with consecutive slides displayed vertically first (in vertical columns).

The OutputType parameter value can be a combination of one or more of these PpPrintOutputType constants.

ppPrintOutputFourSlideHandoutsPrints four slides per handout page.
ppPrintOutputNineSlideHandoutsPrints nine slides per handout page.
ppPrintOutputNotesPagesPrints notes pages.
ppPrintOutputOneSlideHandoutsPrints one slide per handout page.
ppPrintOutputOutlinePrints outine view.
ppPrintOutputSixSlideHandoutsPrints six slides per handout page.
ppPrintOutputSlidesPrints all slides in the presentation. The default.
ppPrintOutputThreeSlideHandoutsPrints three slides per handout page.
ppPrintOutputTwoSlideHandoutsPrints two slides per handout page.

The PrintHiddenSlides parameter value can be one of these MsoTriState constants.

msoFalseThe default. Does not print hidden slides.
msoTruePrints hidden slides.

The RangeType parameter value can be one of these PpPrintRangeType constants.

ppPrintAllThe default. Exports all slides.
ppPrintCurrentExports only the current slide.
ppPrintNamedSlideShowExports the named (custom) slide show specified in SlideShowName.
ppPrintSelectionExports selected slides.
ppPrintSlideRangeExports the specified slide range.

Set BitmapMissingFonts to True when font licensing does not permit you to embed a font in the PDF file. If you set this parameter to False, the font is referenced, and the viewer's computer substitutes an appropriate font if the authored one is not available.


The following example shows how to use the ExportAsFixedFormat method to export the active presentation as a .pdf file named test.pdf to the user's Documents folder.

Public Sub ExportAsFixedFormat_Example() 

       ActivePresentation.ExportAsFixedFormat "C:\Users\username \Documents\test.pdf", ppFixedFormatTypePDF, ppFixedFormatIntentScreen, msoCTrue, ppPrintHandoutHorizontalFirst, ppPrintOutputBuildSlides, msoFalse, , , , False, False, False, False, False 

End Sub

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