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NamedSlideShow Object (PowerPoint)

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Represents a custom slide show, which is a named subset of slides in a presentation.


The NamedSlideShow object is a member of the NamedSlideShows collection. The NamedSlideShows collection contains all the named slide shows in the presentation.


Use NamedSlideShows (index), where index is the custom slide show name or index number, to return a single NamedSlideShow object. The following example deletes the custom slide show named "Quick Show."

ActivePresentation.SlideShowSettings _
    .NamedSlideShows("Quick Show").Delete

Use the SlideIDsproperty to return an array that contains the unique slide IDs for all the slides in the specified custom show. The following example displays the slide IDs for the slides in the custom slide show named "Quick Show."

idArray = ActivePresentation.SlideShowSettings _
    .NamedSlideShows("Quick Show").SlideIDs

For i = 1 To UBound(idArray)
    MsgBox idArray(i)

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