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MotionEffect.FromY Property (PowerPoint)

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Returns or sets a Single that represents the vertical position of a MotionEffect object, specified as a percentage of the screen width. Read/write.


expression. FromY

expression A variable that represents a MotionEffect object.

Return Value



The default value of this property is Empty, in which case the current position of the object is used.

Use this property in conjunction with the ToY property to resize or jump from one position to another.

Do not confuse this property with the From property of the ColorEffect, RotationEffect, or PropertyEffect objects, which is used to set or change colors, rotations, or other properties of an animation behavior, respectively.


The following example adds an animation path and sets the starting and ending horizontal and vertical positions.

Sub AddMotionPath()

    Dim effCustom As Effect
    Dim animMotion As AnimationBehavior
    Dim shpRectangle As Shape

    'Adds shape and sets effect and animation properties
    Set shpRectangle = ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes _
        .AddShape(Type:=msoShapeRectangle, Left:=100, _
        Top:=100, Width:=50, Height:=50)

    Set effCustom = ActivePresentation.Slides(1).TimeLine.MainSequence _
        .AddEffect(Shape:=shpRectangle, effectId:=msoAnimEffectCustom)

    Set animMotion = effCustom.Behaviors.Add(msoAnimTypeMotion)

    'Sets starting and ending horizontal and vertical positions
    With animMotion.MotionEffect
        .FromX = 0
        .FromY = 0
        .ToX = 50
        .ToY = 50
    End With

End Sub

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