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MediaFormat.Resample Method (PowerPoint)

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Adds the current media object to the queue and begins resampling, based on the specified parameters.


expression. Resample( Trim, SampleHeight, SampleWidth, VideoFrameRate, AudioSamplingRate, VideoBitRate )

expression An expression that returns a MediaFormat object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
TrimOptionalBooleanWhether to trim the sample.
SampleHeightOptionalIntegerThe sample resolution height.
SampleWidthOptionalIntegerThe sample resolution width.
VideoFrameRateOptionalLongThe video frame rate, in frames per second.
AudioSamplingRateOptionalLongThe audio sampling rate, in bits per second.
VideoBitRateOptionalLongThe video bit rate, in bits per second.

Return Value



Resample ignores the values of parameters that are not applicable to the media.

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